From its humble beginnings in 1944 the McLarens Group has evolved into a leading conglomerate reaching across multiple industry segments by providing innovative industry solutions and unparalleled customer service.

Today the Group portfolio comprises of shipping and marine services, third party logistics, supply of lubricants, oil and gas support services, bunkering services, automotive distribution, trading, manufacturing, property development as well as hotel and leisure sector services.


A momentous year for J.D. McLaren, a Scotsman and the founder of J.D. McLaren & Co. Ltd. as he embarks on an ambitious expedition in the shipping industry, strategically anchored in Sri Lanka’s commercial hub, the port city of Colombo.


J.D. McLaren & Co. Ltd begins the supply of coal to steam ships and it soon transforms into an all-encompassing vessel agency service provider for a number of international liner shipping companies frequenting the Port of Colombo. Before long J.D. McLaren & Co. Ltd had develops into the largest shipping agency house in Sri Lanka.


Mr. Hubert De Silva, who had previously held several positions of responsibility in the public sector, including the post of Chairman of the Port of Colombo, joins J.D. McLaren & Co in 1972. Under his guidance the company expands its business horizons both within the shipping industry including supply of bunkers, lube oil, ship supplies and P & I representations and beyond it, by building and operating two landmark hotel properties in Kandy the hill capital of Sri Lanka.


Mr. Rohan De Silva, son of Mr. Hubert De Silva steps into the driving seat and goes on to steer the company to unprecedented success. Over the next few year J.D. McLaren & Co. Ltd. goes on to extend its reach into real estate development, tourism, manufacturing, trade and distribution and also enters into a number of strategic partnerships and joint ventures with multinational organizations. Rohan De Silva continues further diversification by investing into pioneering manufacturing processes and the automotive sector.


Today McLarens is a brand synonymous with the shipping industry and remains committed not only to maintaining but also to continuously enhancing the quality of services provided while forging ahead on an exploration of new horizons.

As a result McLarens is the single largest shipping agency group in Sri Lanka, and is also the partner of choice for several multinationals with commercial interests in Sri Lanka.

While shipping, marine services and logistics remain at the heart of the company, the group has ventured into and has established market presence in bunkering, oil and gas services, manufacturing, lubricants trading, property development, hotel & leisure services as well as food & beverages.