As the local oil and gas industry develops at a rapid pace, numerous opportunities are presented to local and international corporates in related services including oil & gas exploration, oilfield development and drilling and operation of the wells.

The McLarens Group is well placed to offer the required support for the oil & gas sector utilizing our core competencies in supply chain, offshore and agency services complemented by a portfolio of integrated shipping, logistics and marine solutions.

Petroleum Trading

McLarens has actively developed its petroleum trading division over the last few years, acting as the broker for some of the largest petroleum trading companies in the world involved in the sale of Gas Oil, Gasoline, Jet A1, Naphtha, Kerosene, Crude Oil, Fuel Oil.  

Having established partnerships with some of the leading physical suppliers in the world, McLarens has emerged as the most prominent and successful petroleum trading company in the country.

Oil & Gas Support Services

In continuing its strategic expansion of core competencies, the Group has become the pioneer for the support services required by the oil and gas industry.

Oil & gas support service was not an area ventured into by any Sri Lankan company before McLarens Group became the select partner for all shore-based and sea/ air support services for Sri Lanka’s oil & gas exploration efforts in 2011.

In handling advanced technology and formidable demands derived by the subtle precision needed in deep sea drilling, McLarens works side by side with professionals in disciplines spanning across the entire oil and gas supply chain, providing solutions on ground/sea/air by minimizing costs, optimizing resources and meeting deadlines.