To win in the marketplace, we need to attract top talent. Therefore, we seek the best people – those with diverse experience, perspectives, knowledge, and backgrounds and continue to provide the training they need to develop new or stronger skills, advance in the company, and achieve their goals while making their unique contribution to the Company’s success.

At McLarens, we believe that employee training and development are among the vital investments that we make. Training in IT, self-development, seminars and workshops are some of the activities that strengthen the family of the McLarens Group. Professionals such as maritime experts, consultants, master mariners, cargo/hull machinery surveyors, harbor pilots, marketing professionals, human resources professionals and charted administrators make up the staff of the McLarens Group.

Our compensation philosophy is designed to attract and retain a high – quality work force and to reward employees for individual and corporate performance through base pay, merit increases, bonuses and long-range incentives. Our benefits package offers employees valuable health and welfare.

At McLarens, people are the most valuable asset and it is their dedication that amounts to the maintaining of standards within the Group. The development and dedication of its people, in conjunction with its processes and management expertise have over the years continued in placing Mclarens as an Executives Committee Member to the Ceylon Association of Shipping Agents (CASA) and Ceylon Motor Traders Association (CMTA) year after year.